Obesity or being overweight has become a matter of great concern. People adopt various ways to overcome this problem. People in order to solve the problem usually do different physical exercises or prefer to take weight loss pills. In this regard, mention can be made especially of the capsule named as Xenical. Xenical is a traditional weight loss pill that is usually prescribed to those patients who are suffering from the disease known as obesity.

Apart from Xenical pills; in recent times, another weight loss pill called Alli, produced by FDA is also found in the market. Both of these products contain an active ingredient called orlistat. Orlistat is a lipase inhibitor. It helps to prevent the absorption of fat by the body. A question commonly asked by the people is that how far it would be safe to take Xenical? Let us now discuss elaborately this traditional pill.

It has been noticed that, if one has taken the said pill at the meal time, the orlistat present in it lowers down the amount of fat. Usually, fats are found to be broken down in the stomach. The body generally absorbs thirty percent of the broken fat. But, once the pill has been taken; the fats present in the body are removed from the body through feces. This helps a person to lose weight.

Xenical would be an ideal choice for those having the problem of obesity. Actually, orlistat, the active ingredient present in the said pill have been prescribed to those people suffering from obesity and have body mass index in excess of 30kg/m? Unless one has too heavyweight that may prove dangerous to the health should not take any of the two pills as mentioned earlier. But, it would always be better to consult a doctor before taking either Xenical or Alli.

Like any other pill, both of these products have several side effects. Now, the question may be asked by anyone about the types of side effects caused by Xenical and Alli. Many have reported about the side effects that are produced by the products made from orlistat. The side effects that usually take place are a continuous discharge of anal, oily stools, diarrhea, liver inflammation, fatigue and many more. Therefore, it can be said that the orlistat based products may not be of great help to all, who are suffering from obesity.

Then, what alternatives are present?

There are lots of products found in the market that helps one to lose weight. But all of them are not good enough to be used by the patients with obesity. However; mention can be made of Proactol that just like Orlistat reduces about thirty percent of fat that the body usually absorbs from the food eaten by one. This product binds the fat molecules into a viscous solution and thus prevents the fat to enter the body. This product helps to decrease food cravings, to suppress appetite and to lower down the level of cholesterol.